Bill Kinneary

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North American Power
Bill Kinneary, President and Chief Compliance Officer

Mr. Kinneary was named President of North American Power in March of 2011. He brings with him 38 years of experience in the energy industry, where he held numerous positions, ranging from utility general manager to top-level executive positions in retail marketing and electric generation companies. He has held the top executive offices in KeySpan Energy Services, KeySpan Energy Supply and Total Gas & Electric (TG&E). Among his many career accomplishments Mr. Kinneary designed and implemented the first utility energy hedging strategy in New York state, developed power pricing tactics that resulted in profits from the largest New York City power plant, and took TG&E from the brink of punitive regulatory/legal action and financial collapse to full compliance and profitability. Mr. Kinneary has served as a member of the National Energy Marketers Association's Executive Committee since 1999 including two terms as Chairman and has been proudly serving as Chairman Emeritus since 2005.

5/16/2012 Source: North American Power Leadership Page

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