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Dan Matauch, Co-Fpunder and Director of Branding

naura is not an ordinary company. It is unique in every aspect from its name to its revolutionary products. Formulas have been perfected with exotic ingredients to create an extraordinary supplement. So the final question was, literally, how do you bottle breath, energy, and vibration? You find someone with experience and passion like Dan Matauch. Dan is the owner of an award-winning design firm in Michigan. Dan’s masterful ability to create exceptional branding, packaging, and design align with the core philosophy of Synaura: The same energy, the same breath. Dan has masterfully built a first class brand to emulate each pristine formula. He has received nearly a dozen of the prestigious “Clear Choice” awards for brand packaging and numerous awards from graphic design and packaging design. His expertise and dedication will ensure that the company’s brand identity is unmistakably Synaura.

9/2/2010 Source: Synaura Executive Team Page

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