Dave Janvrin

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OceanCity Network
Dave Janvrin, Founder

David and Samantha Janvrin, the founders of OceanCity Network, Inc have over 37 years of sales, marketing, and consulting experience. David and Samantha have worked on numerous projects that have resulted in phenomenal growth and income opportunities for a number of individuals in a variety of organizations all around the World. Mr. and Mrs. Janvrin have been able to recognize timing and positioning in a variety of new and unique markets that has enabled them to fully capitalize on every opportunity. “Unique, exciting and different” has always been their theme. Keeping with that theme and the “Simple Proven Plan of Action” billions of dollars in merchandise have been sold through this duplicatable combination throughout the past 2 decades.

10/3/2004 Source: OceanCity Network Corporate Page

GMT (Get Moving Today)
Dave Janvrin, International Marketing Director

Dave has 12 years experience in direct sales and network marketing. He has built international sales organizations that have produced more than a billion dollars in worldwide sales.

9/30/2004 Source: Get Moving Today Management Web Page

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