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XtremeHealth Formulas
David Hull, National Training Director

David has been in the sales and marketing arena most of his life. He owned a construction company when he discovered network marketing over eight years ago. He quickly became one of the top earners in his first networking experience and saw the very real need and importance of training in the industry. He, along with a doctor partner of his, wrote the MLM training series, "Power Principles for Successful Network Marketing". David has been National Training Director, Vice President and CEO of different network marketing companies in the past and with that vast experience is quite qualified to be XtremeHealth Formulas' National Training Director. His excitement and joy of teaching people, and just having fun, make the XtremeHealth Formulas events memorable.

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The Topline
David Hull, President
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Network TNT
David Hull, President

Network Training 'N' Tools

David Hull is the president and co-founder of Network Training and Tools. He brings a rich life of experience and personal motivation to the table as an effective corporate and individual trainer. David was president of a successful construction company before entering the arena of home based business and training. Success has always been attached to David's life, as he knows what it takes to succeed and impart that knowledge to others in an effective, powerful, and often humorous way.
David has been a top producer in every company he has joined, and has served as the national Training Director for a nutritional and travel company enjoying tremendous success. He is the co-producer of "Power Principles for Successful Network Marketing", a complete guide to success in Network Marketing, enjoying remarkable exposure and acceptance in this industry.
David's love of people gives him a definite edge as a caring communicator in helping others succeed. His past experience as a stand-up comedian, and his success in business, provides a unique communication style, recognized by all as a unique and powerful gift.
David's tireless effort and creative genius, wrapped in an incredible understanding of human beings, allows him exceptional success in life, and unusual acceptance by all who hear him speak.
He and his lovely wife reside at Lake Arrowhead California.

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