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Extreme Research Corp
David Wall, CEO

As CEO for Extreme Research, Dr Wall brings a long track record of business success to Extreme Research. In addition, Dr. Wall provides medical and nutritional expertise in company product development and supplement formulation. Dr. Wall is a conventionally trained physician but has expanded his knowledge into the field of integrative medicine (combining conventional medicine and complementary medicine for maximum health.) Dr. Wall is the co-author of Living Longer, Living Stronger - The Doctors’ Daily Wellness Guide for Men and Women Over 60. He has also published articles on the use of natural supplements to treat diabetes and osteoporosis. Dr. Wall speaks frequently in the community on the subject of ‘integrative medicine’ and has been the host of a radio show dedicated to advancing information about nutritional treatment of medical issues. Additionally, he has made numerous appearances on television segments and talk shows providing information and answering questions about the use of complementary treatments in medicine.

9/29/2005 Source: Extreme Research Corp Leadership Team Page

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