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Co-Chairman & CEO, PriceNetUSA

Don Rackemann is an experienced entrepreneur who has proven success in driving a high-volume, high-return business. In 1987, Mr. Rackemann founded National Telephone & Communications (NTC). NTC is a publicly traded, long distance reseller servicing the home and small business markets via a network marketing distribution system. In 1994, NTC had gross annual revenues of $160 million. Prior to NTC, Mr. Rackemann began a career in the motor sports publishing business where he was the owner and publisher of seven publications. In 1978, he retired from publishing to further his passion by founding and running Laguna Classic Motors, an auto agency for exotic and exclusive automobiles. Today, Mr. Rackemann is the active leader of and the founder and chairman of Golf Star, a company that manufactures and sells high-end golf clubs.
10/2/2000:PricenetUSA Management Page

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