Ed Weaver

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VIP Connectz
Ed Weaver, Co-Founder / President & Chief Executive Officer

Ed brings VoIP technology, direct sales distribution and independent affiliate management expertise to the Team. He has 17 years experience in corporate America, where he was responsible for a sizable geographical area including 7 regional facilities, in addition to sales and administration. Ed brings not only a diverse background, but most importantly, has extensive experience in VoIP. During his transition from working for Fortune 500 companies to his own entrepreneurial ventures, he successfully founded two other businesses; an Application Service Provider organization and a fundraising company serving the greater nonprofit world. Ed sold his interest in these two ventures and joined his partners to run a VoIP services company, before co-founding VIP Connectz. This collection of corporate, small business and entrepreneurial experience make Edís leadership and vision priceless in guiding VIP Connectz towards its ultimate success.

10/1/2009 Source: VIP Connects Who We Are page

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