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Eric Banks, President

Mr. Eric Banks, born in England, served his apprenticeship in engineering with Babcock & Wilcox and became a design engineer (HNC). Two years later, he established his own engineering consultancy with projects for large multi-nationals like Ford Motor Company and Matthew Hall. He was then recruited to become Deputy Chief Engineer for research and development for a division of Matthew Hall.

Eric furthered his studies for an MBA to supplement his qualifications in finance & corporate law. Becoming inspired by the financial world, at the age of 27, he joined a Swiss based global investment firm dealing in Wealth Management. Within a few short years Eric achieved the enviable status as one of the leading group managers in Europe with over 1,000 staff. He went on to be appointed a Divisional Director of Anthony Gibbs Merchant Bank, one of the oldest merchant banking firms in the world, (established 1812) Their portfolio for high net worth clients included Equities, Securities, Gold, Diamonds, Artwork, Wine and the Real Estate market. Their core business included tax planning.

By his mid-thirties, deciding to follow the entrepreneurial spirit, Eric established a publishing company that specialized in the property market. At the same time he formed a property development company that built an Award winning group of twelve individual designer executive mansions on his Scottish country estate. Eric also acquired a large farm that he developed into a diversified leisure project with stabling for 20 horses and other amenities.

Years later he moved to the Middle East and Singapore and started a group of International enterprises, dealing in Global Funds, Wealth & Asset Management, International O/S Banking and Real Estate projects in Asia Pacific and Europe. Ericís hobbies include fine wines, artwork and collecting classic cars like Rolls Royce, Bentley, Aston Martin, Lagondas, Jaguar and Mercedes.

Over the years, Eric has earned an illustrious reputation as a leader in Global Finance and Wealth Management. As the President of Amega Global, Eric utilizes his skills and vast experience in finance and management to ensure a strong financial foundation and international level of management for Amega Global.

4/13/2010 Source: Amega Global Website

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