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Dr. Forrest E. Watson is founder and president of Aletheia Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization established in 1983 to address educational needs around the world. Various projects have taken him to Russia, the Ukraine, Lesotho, Zambia, Zaire, Western Samoa, South Africa, Mexico, and other foreign locations where he helped set up over 200 Christian Schools. Watson is also vice president and a founding partner of the Russian-American Institute for Pedagogical Systems (IPS) in Moscow, Russia. IPS began operations in early 1992 as a conduit for the exchange of education, ideas and information between our countries. IPS also established a private school in Moscow in February of 1992. The school is based on Biblical Principle and Free Enterprise Economics and is called Moscow Economic School. It has become the top school in all of Russia, based on results of Senior Exit Exams administered to each graduating senior throughout the country. The school has a three year old $23,000,000.00 facility and is initiating the construction of two additional campuses at a cost of $25,000,000.00 and $27,000,000.00.

Dr. Watson has served public education for 45 years, 35 of those years as a Superintendent of Schools of major school districts in Texas.

As a leader in strategic planning, management and finance, Watson has applied his knowledge and skills in many types of organizations, both public and private. He is also well versed in the intricate and complex processes of school finance, school law, training and instructional development and improvement. This expertise has earned Dr. Watson membership on Phi Delta Kappa National Ad Hoc Committee on School Finance as one of five leading school finance experts in America. It earned him the coveted honor in “The Executive Educator 100” , designated as one of the top 100 school executives in America. He has served in advisory groups to United States Presidents Reagan and Bush (Sr.); Texas Governors Briscoe and Clements; several state senators and representatives over the years. Under Governor Briscoe, he designed and implemented a statewide ad valorem tax study to determine the taxable value of all ad valorem property on an equitable basis in the state. Under Governor Clements Watson serve on the Select Committee of Educational Advisors in both Governor Clements’ first and second term.

Watson has served as State Chairman or President of organizations concerned with administration, federal affairs, legislation, public relations, administrators and supervisors, vocational education, and student councils. He has served as director on boards of hospitals, banks, savings and loan, publicly traded companies, Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA), United Way charities, American Cancer Society, chambers of commerce, Junior Achievement, Rotary Club and Lions Club.

7/25/2006 Source: Forum Technologies, Inc ( FTI ) Leadership page

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