Gere Aldepolla

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Gere Aldepolla, Director of Marketing Philippines

Gere has been an entrepreneur and actively engaged in the Multi Level Marketing industry since 1994. He became one of the top-earners in networking and also a member of the Millionaires Elite Club. Mr. Aldepolla was one of the founders of Network Marketing Association of the Philippines [NMAP]. In addition to his title as former president and C.E.O. of G-Works Marketing Incorporated, he also worked as a freelance consultant for Yahlasac I.T. Group Inc.

Gere is a passionate motivational speaker for network marketing as well as religious affiliations. He has found success and personal fulfillment as a life-coach, a business team-builder, a success-driven mentor, and servant of God.

5/25/2012 Source: EPXbody Leadership Page

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