Hank Camacho

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Hank Camacho, Secretary / Treasurer

Mr. Camacho is a graduate of the California State University at Los Angeles, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics with a concentration in engineering. He was employed with Rockwell International Corp. for 20 years in Management of Research and Development and retired in 1990. He next formed a Real Estate Development Company in Long Beach and managed and partially owned condo developments, restaurants, golf courses, home and apartment buildings. After many investment projects, Hank sold his interests and again retired in 1993. Hank was recruited by National Telephone and Communications in Southern California and worked as the Information Systems Manager until 1996, supporting $100 million growth of long distance phone call detail records and all corporate, operations, and marketing growth, and again retiring in 1996. Hank came out of retirement in August of 1997 once more to be a founder of that started from a vision and has built an infrastructure that is poised to support our vision to be the largest and greatest internet shopping mall and business opportunity in the world.

10/2/2000 Source: PriceNetUSA management Page

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