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Isaac McLemore, Master iRep

Isaac McLemore is TamPogo’s Master iRep.

A San Diego California native, Isaac received his undergraduate degree from the University of California at Berkeley and graduate degree from San Diego State University School of Counseling. As a licensed professional in marriage, family, and child counseling (M.F.C.C), the University of California at San Diego employed him for fifteen years serving as a personnel analyst in charge of faculty and staff recruitment, including working closely with Governor Pat Brown Jr. and Casper Weinberger. In 1988 Mr. McLemore was hired as program director for Sharp Hospital in San Diego California in charge of their psychology department.

In 1990 he began the career he loves dearly, network marketing, which ultimately led to his becoming the first distributor for Metabolife and the mastermind behind that company’s explosive growth. The company went to a billion dollars in sales in 3 years.

Over the past 20 years Isaac McLemore has consulted for or been the Master Distributor for the following companies: Matol (produces KM), Herbalife, Essante, Metabolife, Taborlizer, and Bodywise

8/24/2009 Source: Tampogo Founders Page

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