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Joe Locke, VP of Sales

Joe Locke grew up in Salisbury, MA and attended Northern Essex College with plans to follow in his father’s footsteps to Boston College. That plan changed as he and a good friend decided to move to Southern California in hopes of discovery and new opportunities. While the West Coast opened many doors for Joe, the most significant door was opened in the direct sales industry. Investing over 10 years of dedicated work and solidifying himself as a top sales person, Joe’s real talent gained notoriety as a National Sales Trainer. During that time, Joe trained hundreds of thousands of individuals in the direct selling industry and private corporations, generating scores of success to many who continually credit Joe for their success. Not only does Joe possess the unique ability to simplify the art of selling, but he educates in such a way that makes individuals realize their true potential. “When I teach people how to sell, my main goal is in showing the “non-salesperson” that they not only truly are sales people, but they were born to do it!”

5/5/2009 Source: Shop to Earn About Us Page

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