Joseph P Urso

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Joseph P Urso, Founder, Chairman and CEO

Joseph P. Urso is the Chairman & CEO of Aerus Holdings LLC. Aerus Holdings LLC has invested capital and expertise in a variety of companies where it has complete or significant operating control. A primary investment of Holdings is Aerus LLC, which was known as Electrolux from 1924-2003. Aerus has been a leader in floorcare and home health products for over 85 years and has served more than 50 million homes in North America.

Mr. Urso has led Aerus Holdings to success using the Four Corners of Every Successful Business™ model, which he created. He planned the entry of Aerus Holdings into network marketing for over ten years. He believes in the explosive power of this industry to change lives in a positive way and dedicates his full-time efforts to company business.

Mr. Urso is very involved in the Direct Selling Association and serves on its Board of Directors.

4/11/2010 Source: Vollara Leadership Team Page

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