Kathy Mitchell

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Union Springs Wellness
Kathy Mitchell, Founding Coach and Executive Director

Experienced direct sales professional Kathy Mitchell was excited about the chance to empower others to achieve the freedom of financial and personal health. She considers herself a coach, passionate about equipping her team to feel confident sharing the products and business opportunity. When her children were young, Kathy wanted a career where she could work her business around her family, not the other way around. Direct sales was a natural fit and she was able to achieve executive level success, becoming a Regional Vice President, owning her own franchise and serving as an advisor on the launch of emerging direct sales companies. Now, she mentors others to grow their businesses to the level that they desire. “This is an exceptional ground-floor business opportunity with a revolutionary product line and an unmatched future outlook,” Kathy says. “This will make a financial difference for those who want to build a business as a Wellness Ambassador.”

4/14/2012 Source: Union Springs Wellness Executive Team Page

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