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Keith James Struxness, 

Keith was born on December 10, 1959 at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California. He was raised in a fiercely competitive environment with his four brothers. His father was the youngest to reach the rank of Chief Master Sergeant in the U.S. Air Force. Today, Keith resides in southern California with his wife Terri of 24 years, and their three children, Amy, 19, Ashley, 16, and Aaron, 13.

Keith began trading real estate at age 21, and by age 25 he had an impressive portfolio. He also owned other businesses, one of which had a contract with the federal government. He was a top earner and area leader for a network marketing company in the late 1980's, accomplishing this while also being employed full time.

Having always been an athlete and very active, Keith was frustrated to see his weight gradually climb to over 240 lbs. In 1991, he discovered an ephedra-based product that helped him lose weight. With this product, he was able to bring his weight down as well as sustain the high energy level he needed to keep up his busy schedule. However, after his personal physician warned him about the serious health risks associated with ephedra, he began the search for an ephedra-free product that would give him the same results. This proved to be a difficult task. After trying more than 30 of the largest nationally known ephedra-free products on the market that promised results and finding that none of them lived up to those promises, Keith became determined to be the first to develop and market a product that actually worked. He saw a great opportunity, anticipating the need that literally millions of people who were regular ephedra users would have with their products eventually being removed from shelves. In his pursuit, he met a manufacturer who had also anticipated the coming need for a non-ephedra product that truly worked. This manufacturer had developed a product that he claimed would in fact be effective in suppressing appetite, boosting metabolism, and increasing energy and stamina - all through a non-ephedra, all-natural approach that was safe and effective. Keith tried the formula himself and discovered it actually worked! Together, they have worked to enhance and fine-tune the product to what it is today, Slimline Plus™.

8/7/2005 Source: Xtreme Health Formulas About Us Page

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