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Founder and CEO, CieAura

Ken Rasner is co-owner and President of Harmonic FM, LLC; the company that manufactures our CieAura transparent holographic chips. “Direct Sales is the best way to market our products. When people try them – they love them; that is why I started CieAura.”

For nearly three years Mr. Rasner lived in Asia and served as president of a $200 million international network marketing company. In the US he served as Senior VP for a $50 million direct sales company and as Executive Vice President he helped a start-up network marketing company grow from under $650,000 a month to over $24 million of annualized sales in five months. Mr. Rasner currently sits on the Board of Directors for S.W.A.T.S. (Sports with Alternatives to Steroids), LLC.

One of Mr. Rasner's two master's degrees is in administration; the other is in music. He has served on the faculty at a major university in Southern California.

Ken Rasner was formerly an Executive Vice President for LifeWave, an MLM company marketing "organically constructed nano-antennaes for the passive frequency modulation of human magnetic fields."
12/27/2009:CieAura Management Team Page

Executive Vice President, Lifewave

Ken heads up the network marketing arm and provides LifeWave with the sales strategies and infrastructure necessary to increase the success of each of our distributors.Some of these strategies include our 10 step action plan, our formal presentation, our pocket presentation, our 3 minute message, our communication systems, our recognition program, our 2-a-day CDs, and many other systems and tools that can be easily be duplicated.Additionally he assists in the development of our company promotions and coordinates our Advanced Training Workshops, Regional Conferences, and Super Saturdays.Ken has written, published and sold books and training CDs world wide on Network Marketing and brings over 30 years of teaching and training experience to LifeWave.

A unique combination of extremely successful ,in the field, experience together with exceptionally successful corporate experience allows Ken to contribute a wealth of talent and knowledge to help our distributors.Because of Ken,s extensive international experience, his expertise is a major asset as we expand globally.


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