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Kenneth John, Customer Care and Operations Manager

Our Customer Care & Operations Manager, Kenneth John came to Vfinity after nearly 12 years of service in both the contact center environment and MLM industry. He is responsible for managing the Vfinity Customer Care Center, warehouse order fulfillment, and maintains the back office website for our Distributors.

At Publishers Circulation Fulfillment Inc. (NY Times Inbound Call Center), Kenny developed his skills as the performance team leader. He also served as the Customer Care Manager at Stainsafe, Inc. Before joining Vfinity, he managed the quality control and inventory and logistics departments at Amazon Herb Company, later to be named Trivita, Inc. In addition, he has been a professional photojournalist for a National Newspaper Publication in Trinidad and the Customer Care/ Performance Manager at Stainsafe, Inc. in Palm Beach Gardens Florida.

Outside of professional interests, he likes to travel, fix his car, create 3D Animation and being a dad. He enjoys living in Florida with his family and dogs.

11/19/2014 Source: Vfinity Company Overview

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