Kenneth Kroll

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Kenneth Kroll, Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer

A Harvard Medical doctor, board certified surgeon and board certified in anti-aging medicine, Dr. Kroll has practiced medicine and lectured around the world on such subjects as anti-aging, disease, molecular biology and the immune system. An established scholar, Dr. Kroll immediately took a keen interest in the maqui berry. His ongoing interest in anti-aging medicine combined with the maqui berry sparked a revolution in formulation with Synaura’s first product. Dr. Kroll used the power of the maqui berry but also incorporated three other formulas. His passion for the formulation created a new opportunity he may never have considered otherwise; to become an executive at Synaura. Dr. Kroll is an expert on the maqui berry and continues to innovate by conducting clinical trials and studies on anti-aging technologies.

9/2/2010 Source: Synaura Executive Team Page

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