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Kevin McKay, Founder and CEO

NetmarkAid was founded by Kevin McKay. Kevin entered the Network Marketing industry in 1990 and has enjoyed 15 years as a successful Distributor, Leader and Trainer. In the year 2000 Kevin decided to travel to India and build a Network Marketing organization there. Despite having very few contacts in India or experience in the Indian market, Kevin built a distribution network, of several thousand people within just a few months, working from his hotel suite.
During this time in India, Kevin was extremely shocked and saddened by the poverty he saw around him there. This prompted Kevin to think of ways in which he could do something to make a difference.
Together with a few volunteers they purchased a nutritional mix drink and started to distribute this for free, to the children in the slums. This project was funded by Kevin and some local donors. He soon began to notice some miraculous health results among the children and received some wonderful feedback from their guardians and parents. This encouraged him so much that he wanted to expand the program further, however for business reasons he soon had to leave India.
However, Kevin continued to support and expand this program in India as well as an orphanage in Chile and another one in Thailand. He has been successful in getting some ongoing financial support for the program but he soon realized that he would need to come up with a more effective way of fundraising if the project was to grow and expand.
His experience as a Humanitarian has brought him into contact with several non profits and charities around the World. Kevin realized that it was very difficult for them to retain regular volunteers or donors without constant follow-up and motivation. He discovered that most donations to charities were from small individual donors with big hearts, and often the most generous people were struggling themselves to make a living and support their own families.
He also noticed that many volunteers and field workers were not much better off than the people they were helping. Kevin began to think about ways to motivate these people to consistently support good causes but how?
Network Marketing was the obvious and simple solution! Why not leverage Network Marketing in a way that it could have a positive impact on society and humanity, provide a low cost business opportunity for anyone and where profits of the venture would benefit the individual donors involved, not some large corporation?
He began to hash out a new business idea and the Leveraged Sharing Program was born. He decided that he would start a Company that would initially focus on helping malnourished Children but that would remain flexible to eventually benefit other worthwhile causes as well as those individuals who participated. This revolutionary idea is now bringing business leaders, celebrities and people from all walks of life together who share Kevin's vision.
NetmarkAid is the result of over four years of market research and development by Kevin. He has extensive knowledge of the Industry and is a proficient Internet marketer. Along side English, Kevin speaks fluent German and conversational Spanish. Kevin is 42 years old, his roots and home is in Ireland but he spends a considerable amount of time in Asia.
Kevin is already financially secure. He will assume the role of CEO and oversee the daily operations of NetmarkAid but intends to take no salary. He will take up a position in the Affiliate network earning commissions and he plans to invest most of this back into expanding NetmarkAid.

11/30/2005 Source: NetmarkAid Corporate Website Founder Bio

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