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Larry J Holmes, Chief Operating Officer

Chief Operating Officer
Network Training 'N' Tools

Larry Holmes comes to Network TNT, with twenty plus year's background in sales, management, operations experience, company ownership, and the worldwide travel industry. He is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Network TNT.
Larry brings a track record of proven success in need based, solution oriented marketing to individuals and corporations. He has extensive leadership skills and hands on experience in the sales industry, producing exemplary results in every company that has been fortunate enough to employ his talents. Larry has developed his abilities on both the corporate side, overseeing day to day corporate operations, and the representatives side, as a sales representative in the field. This gives him a very balanced outlook concerning the marketing industry, which makes him a great asset to corporations and individuals alike.
Larry's work as a business owner, corporate director of operations, corporate vice president, and regional manager in major corporations, in such varied fields as real estate, insurance, financial services, advertising, and travel, brings a rich life with experiential wisdom to the overall success of Network TNT. He is an essential part of Network TNT's dynamic and proactive leadership team.
Larry and his wife and daughter reside in Ventura California.

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12/29/2002 Source: Network TNT About Us Page

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