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Marc Walker, Founder and President

Marc Walker has had the good fortune of working for some of the premier companies in the network marketing industry. He has seen firsthand how this industry has improved the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world—personally, financially, and with improved health.
He was first introduced to network marketing over 20 years ago when he began working for one of the Network Marketing industry’s legends during a period of intense growth for that company. As sales grew from around 10 million to almost 1 billion, he came to realize that a company’s direction can, and should, be guided by two crucial principles:
1. What is in the best long term interest of the Distributor, and,
2. What is in the best long term interest of the company.
He put this into practice while heading a multi-million dollar international market and grew sales 75% in two years. Later, when he was able to increase sales in over 25 international markets, he realized that with great Distributor leaders and great employees a company can accomplish amazing things.
This lesson was reinforced when, in an Executive level position at another industry leader, by surrounding himself with great people who were focused on meeting the long term needs of the Distributors and the company, he was able to increase international sales by 500% in under 4 years.
When Marc began working in the network marketing industry, much less was known about how nutritional components impacted the body for good and for ill. In the ensuing 20 years, science has made huge leaps forward in understanding how supplementation can greatly improve our health. Scientists have determined that our bodies have the ability to live much longer than most people actually do and that proper supplementation can not only lengthen our lives but improve the quality of our lives immensely.
Marc is well aware of the effect that different fruits, foods, and herbs have on various health concerns and our general well-being and that people can improve their health by taking the right nutritional supplement. Since different fruits target different health concerns, it was clear to him that a product that incorporated more than one fruit would be more effective in moving our bodies towards total wellness. The nutrients in one good fruit—no matter how effective they are—only address some of the health concerns of today’s active life styles. Then, after seeing the results that Xyngular’s Super Fruit Global Blend generated, it was clear to him that this powerful product would be desired by people no matter where they lived in the world.
Marc is pleased that Xyngular is a unique, exciting, and fun company. Xyngular is attracting the best Distributors by offering the most effective product, the most lucrative compensation plan, and the most dedicated corporate support. Marc’s goal is to ensure that Xyngular supports its’ Distributors in their quest to be the most successful entrepreneurs in the world.

1/11/2010 Source: Xyngular Executive Team Page

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