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Marian Morgan, VP of Sales

Marian has a strong business background. She completed both undergraduate and graduate degrees from McGill University in Montreal. Prior to her business career she was an English high school teacher and a performing arts major. After obtaining her degrees, Marian worked as a business analyst and senior executive with the George S. May International Management Consulting Company. As one of the few women hired by the organization, Marian's record of an 80% closing ratio quickly became recognized as outstanding. She then moved into the position of corporate trainer where she trained hundreds of business analysts from all across North America. Always an entrepreneur, Marian was drawn to the world of direct sales in 1988. She soon broke every sales record and has achieved every top-level position to be attained in the companies she worked with. She also credits much of her success to the invaluable mentorship she received during her early years with industry giants: National Safety Associates (NSA), Rexall, Body Wise, and Strategic Telecom Systems (STS). One of her recent accomplishments was building and training a sales force of 250,000 people in 16 months. She is also fluent in French. Marian is a founder and principle of Moneytalks™. She serves as VP of sales.

9/27/2004 Source: MoneyTalks Management Team Page

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