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Mark Soderquist, President of Creative Development

Growing up on the beach in Carlsbad, CA, Mark “Soda” Soderquist developed an early appreciation for nature and the importance of protecting and preserving our planet’s precious natural resources. After graduating from Chico State University with a BS in Business Management, Mark moved to beautiful Lake Tahoe for four years. Mark then joined a start up company marketing Earth friendly products, and quickly became an integral leader. During 10 years of hard work, focus, and dedication, Mark’s efforts helped that company become Inc Magazine’s Fastest Growing Company in America. Through his extensive experience in producing videos and live events that place emphasis on taking action and living a more environmentally conscious lifestyle, Mark has been able to enhance green awareness for hundreds of thousands of people. Mark’s passion, enthusiasm and commitment to excellence as he searches the world to help bring the finest Earth friendly products and health and wellness products to ShopToEarth are his top priority. Coupling his expertise in video and live event production with a passion to share the finest green products with the world, Mark is on a mission to help ShopToEarth influence the masses by showing the world that we can do the right thing, increase people’s health and wealth, make a difference, and leave our planet in better shape than we inherited it.

5/5/2009 Source: Shop to Earn About Us Page

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