Michael Hershberger

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Zija International
Michael Hershberger, President

Mike Hershberger is responsible for the success of Zija International. With over 7 years of experience in the network marketing industry and over 15 years of management experience, Mike worked hand in hand with Founder David Andrews and other Senior Management Team Members to launch Zija International in 2004. Mike provides his staff a leadership style and philosophy of empowerment. His strong sense of fairness ensures that every Zija Representative that is self motivated and self driven can succeed with Zija International. Mike believes in providing Zija Representatives with critical information and marketing tools so that Representatives may run their business as they choose. He believes in encouraging Representatives to take care of their customers and their business, rewarding this behavior with opportunities of increased financial rewards. Mike strongly believes in the product, having seen the benefits of his family members drinking Zija and hundreds of testimonials of Zija helping others become healthier. He believes in its ability to help people have a healthier life, and is driven to see that the Founder, David Andrews' dream of helping millions of people around the world become healthier by drinking Zija comes to fruition.

1/11/2006 Source: Zija Corporate About Us Page

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