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Michael Jareou, President and CEO

Michael Jareou is an inspiring example of the pursuit of the American dream, against all odds, and the achievement of economic success and independence. For many of us, freedom is an inalienable right, and one we often take for granted, but for Jareou, freedom was a dream accomplished through hard work and determination. Today, Jareou leads others to financial freedom and success through NuVerus, the company he founded and leads.

Jareou spent the early years of his life in the south of Iraq, enduring the pain and suffering that Iraqi Dictator Saddam Hussein caused throughout the country. The challenges of growing up in that environment taught Jareou how to persevere through hardship, while also aspiring him to hope for a better life in America. Though his country was ravaged and his people oppressed, Jareou never lost the vision to bring something better to himself and his family.

At the age of 17, Jareou left his family behind and escaped to America to attend University. While he had left the rule of a dictator, Jareou’s trials were not over as he struggled to assimilate into American culture, adapt to the melting pot of races and ethnicities, and learn English. He had literally been thrust into a whole new world. With sheer will and determination, Jareou conquered these obstacles and earned a degree in electronics engineering.

Jareou moved to Chicago after college where he started Digital Security Network (DSN). Within three years, DSN became one of the biggest electronic security companies in Chicago, and at the age of 28, Jareou sold DSN to Ameritech, a Fortune 100 company, and had thus achieved the American dream, and gained financial freedom.

Jareou did not stop there. He then went on to found the Physicians Wellness Group (PWG), which Jareou grew into a multi-million dollar network-marketing company that created opportunities for thousands of people. Through PWG, he helped people start their own businesses by teaching marketing, sales, and communication skills to empower them to make wise business decisions. Jareou took the lessons he had learned in his life and shared them, through seminars, with others to help others succeed. As he often puts it, “If I could do it, anyone could do.”

Today, Jareou draws national attention for his amazing life story and success in the business world. He was elected to the Illinois Entrepreneurs Hall of Fame by the University of Chicago and has been featured on Fox News, CNN, Fortune Magazine and other various media outlets. He is also a highly sought after motivational speaker.

8/29/2009 Source: NuVerus Corporate Website

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