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Paul Burg, President

Mr. Burg has been the President of JUVIO since October of 2002. Under Mr. Burg’s guidance, JUVIO has expanded its presence to over 70 countries while incurring a base of almost 10,000 Associate Members in just the first 10 weeks of existence. As the primary leader of the JUVIO corporate team, Mr. Burg oversees all executive and administrative detailing with extreme focus. Prior to joining JUVIO, Mr. Burg was a hotel industry chief financial officer managing annual client revenues of over $7 million. Capitalizing on his Business and Financial services background, Mr. Burg relocated to Southern California where he quickly became a vital team member for a West Coast commodity brokerage that generated in excess of $100 million in transactions over a one year period. It was at this commodity brokerage firm that Mr. Burg met Mr. Hart Cunningham, founder and CEO of numerous profitable companies, including the JUVIO Corporation. Mr. Burg’s self-starter attitude and talents for general management were identified by Mr. Cunningham with the placement of Mr. Burg as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Visium Solutions, a sister corporation to JUVIO also founded by Mr. Cunningham. At Visium Solutions, Mr. Burg spearheaded numerous profitable marketing campaigns directed at millions of consumers worldwide resulting in sound profits for Visium Solutions. Mr. Burg was also a presiding corporate team member during the foundation and pre-launch of JUVIO. In a short matter of time, it became apparent to all involved that Mr. Burg was the prime candidate to take the helm of JUVIO. Today, JUVIO is experiencing new records while setting new benchmarks under the direction of Mr. Burg. Mr. Burg gained his undergraduate education at the University of Pennsylvania.

12/27/2004 Source: Juvio Management Bio Page

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