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Peter Castleman, Founder

58, graduated Duke University, Economics Professor at Harvard Wall Street, JP Morgan - Managing Partner, Whitney Capital Equity Group with merger and acquisitions. Bought 11 plus companies and turned them into Billion$ brands - NorthFace, Igloo, and many others. Grew a company to $50M/year and sold to Nuskin this became Pharmanex which NewSkin grew to almost $1 Billion/year. His investment group bought Herbalife at $700-800Million/year and within a 5 years grew to over $3 Billion/year. Dream has been to start his own network marketing company with its own culture and mission and with a passion for health. Nutrient Foods to exclusively supply foods to FoodCo. Just purchased a $5 Million dollar Manufacturing facility in Reno, Nevada and are investing over $3 Million retrofitting. $750 Million available for developing manufacturing and networking companies.

11/20/2014 Source: Yevo Pre-Launch Whitepaper

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