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SomaLife International
Philip White, President and CoFounder

Currently maintaining a large and busy medical practice, Dr. White also practices Longevity Medicine with Dr. Donald McLeod at the International Health and Longevity Centres where active development and application of new and innovative approaches to his discipline occurs and has authored two books with Dr. McLeod, "Doctors' Secrets - The Road to Longevity" and "Doctors' Secrets - The Miracle of Antioxidants". Dr. White is the Vice-President of the Canadian Longevity and Anti Aging Academy, a member of the Canadian Andropause Society, the American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine, and the President of his local Medical Society. With a national and international reputation in Health Care Economics, Dr. White has lectured extensively in Canada and abroad on a variety of topics related to Hospital and health care management. He has performed numerous operational reviews and studies for governments both nationally and internationally.

4/24/2008 Source: Somalife International Executive Team Page

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