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Randy Mitchell, President

Randy Mitchell is a highly recognized business consultant, coach, and mentor with nearly two decades of executive and industry experience in direct sales both in the field as well as having served as a President and CEO / Founder for two different companies.

Prior to joining this industry, he had a distinguished 22-year corporate career with AT&T where he was ultimately responsible for a $40+ million budget, 22 managers, and hundreds of employees. He developed and implemented process and quality control training programs company wide. The results of his programs surpassed all expectations, significantly increasing productivity and morale throughout AT&T.

Randy gained recognition from a variety of groups including Union executives as a result of these massively successful programs. Upon retiring from AT&T, he created a vast amount of invigorating and educational material and programs spanning across the United States.

With his influential seminars and soul-filling presentations, as well as inspirational books and tapes, Randy has assisted people in experiencing substantial growth in both money and success. His clients have experienced a cumulative 1000% growth in their business ventures making them millions of dollars.

As an author of several bodies of work including “Take The Blinders Off”, “The Courage To Begin Again”, “The A-V-A-R Process” and “The 12 Essential Laws of Courage”, Randy is an inspirational speaker and presenter to various interest groups across the country. His humor, motivational messages and “can I be perfectly honest with you” approach rallies team members into positive action. The theme through all of his presentations center around the philosophy that the key to success is the creation of your business or any endeavor is “from the inside out”.™ His body of work provide the road map for this to occur. Randy is highly respected for his ability to resolve difficult problems quickly, effectively and fairly within teams and for being able to make the connection between business partners by ensuring that everyone is positively linked into the vision of what they want accomplished. His philosophy and highly respected programs provide the road map CieAura Retailers will use to gain the success they desire. He is honest, has experienced management, with outstanding leadership, and knows how to implement CieAura’s support systems and procedures serving buyer and seller, retailer and consumer.

12/27/2009 Source: CieAura Management Team Page

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