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Superior Business Network ( SBN )
Ray Mario, Chief Marketing Officer

Ray Mario has an extensive 25-year background in marketing and customer acquisition. He has developed several multi-million dollar businesses in the direct sales, entertainment, online search, telecommunications, and e-commerce industries including:,,, Sony Pictures Entertainment, MCI, Triad Marketing Group and several communications portals. In 2007-08,Mr. Mario served as CEO for startup, which combined online search, mapping and social networking on a single platform. He founded Zippi, Inc. in 2004, and innovative approach bringing sellers to the eBay marketplace. Zippi, Inc. was recently acquired by a Silicon Valley based technology company and works directly with eBay and PayPal. Mr. Mario founded and served as CEO at First Class Communications in 1998 where he led the development and convergence of several technologies resulting in a world-class, self-contained videophone developed in partnership with C-Phone and Lucent Technologies. PriceNet acquired First Class Communications in 1999. In 1996 Mr. Mario was Co-Founder and President of WebbPlus, Inc., an Internet startup, which developed hundreds of successful websites for small businesses nationwide. Mr. Mario's experience in communications technologies, direct sales and Internet marketing are catalysts for creating "speed to market" advantages with innovative products and services to consumer and business markets.

8/22/2009 Source: SBN Superior Business Network Executive Team Page
Ray Mario, Co-Founder, Chairman of the Board and CEO

Ray Mario, Co-Founder, Chairman of the Board and CEO Ray Mario – Co-Founder of Zippi™ is a seasoned executive with over 25 years of experience in the direct sales, entertainment, telecommunications and Internet industries, developing several multi-million businesses over the years. Mr. Mario had been a business development consultant to numerous direct sales, public and emerging Internet companies, delivering substantial growth through creative marketing and distribution programs. Mr. Mario founded First Class Communications, a company specializing in marketing and research of the latest communication and technology products. He managed the Product, Design, and Technology Departments and was responsible for leading the development of convergence and broadband opportunities and other emerging platforms. Prior to First Class Communications, Mr. Mario co-founded and served as President at WebbPlus, Inc., an Internet startup founded in 1996. He was responsible for WebbPlus's new technology and Internet operations. Mr. Mario’s experience in direct sales and Internet marketing offers exciting opportunities for Zippi™ as well as “speed to market” advantages with innovative products and services to consumer and business markets.

Update: An employee reported on March 7, 2006 that Zippi is no longer occupying their office in Irvine.

The corporate web page is still active, however that web page no longer displays any corporate team or executive information. A bad page request is returned when the link to corporate team is clicked. Phone calls to are answered by a voice mail system. No live person could be reached.

3/29/2005 Source: Management Bio Page

World Wide Alliance Corp (WWA USA)
Ray Mario, CEO
9/29/2004 Source: World Wide Alliance Executives Page
Ray Mario, Founder and President
9/28/2004 Source: KRT Newsfeatures Interview

Ray Mario, Director of Business Development

Mr. Mario has successfully built several multi-million dollar companies and has seventeen years experience in developing telecommunications and technology products. Ray has 18 years experience in network marketing and has built and trained several extensive sales forces. In 1996, Ray founded First Communications, now a company. First Communications specialized in the marketing and research of the latest communication and technology products. Ray's notable accomplishments and financial success were motivated not only by his desire for monetary rewards, but also a true desire to offer the latest cutting edge products and services to the marketplace to enhance the lives of families within the global village.

10/2/2000 Source: PriceNetUSA management page

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