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Reed Larsen, CEO

As one of the founders of Old Glory Mint, Reed has been instrumental in the creation of American Gold Reserve. A graduate of Brigham Young University (1992, Dean's Scholar), his professional experience has centered around managing financial services businesses. He started out as a successful mortgage loan officer in a small company, eventually moving on to become Treasurer, then President, of the Utah Association of Mortgage Brokers, an organization he also helped found. Seeing the "storm clouds on the horizon" in the lending industry, and in the economy in general, Reed transitioned into the precious metals industry where he helped build and continues to manage one of the largest-capacity private mints in America. In addition to a fascination with investing in general, and precious metals in particular, Reed enjoys water sports, traveling, and making music (he plays anything with keys on it, and blues harp as well). He's been married to his wife Lori for over 20 years, and they have 2 children. He also speaks Japanese (do they buy gold there, too?).

10/21/2011 Source: American Gold Reserve Meet the Management Page

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