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Chews 4 Health
Rob Hukezalie, ( Former Chief Operating Officer ) *

Rob Hukezalie, Chief Operating Officer, brings an array of experience with an innate flair for detail. As our leader of day-to-day operations, Rob is at the top of his game! Absolutely no challenge is too great because he has truly “been there, done that"! Rob has a knack for keeping things running smoothly, enabling Chews4Health to reach exponential growth. He is a highly accomplished professional with more than 23 years of international operational, financial and general management business development experience in network marketing. Rob has immense knowledge in developing and cultivating business opportunities in domestic and foreign markets. He has successfully built from scratch and managed 6 European markets (countries), and a central distribution and multi-lingual call center in Shannon, Ireland. He has been responsible for field and business development for one of the world's oldest and largest networks. Rob understands the Entrepreneurial spirit first hand, as he founded and managed a nutritional and skin care MLM business that was sold in 1999 to a $750 million NASDAQ company. He owned a successful network marketing consulting company with an impressive list of international clients and has developed new markets in Russia, Mexico, Poland, Spain, Czech Republic, Brazil, Scandinavia, Australia, Canada and South East Asia. Rob started his business career as one of six distributors of finished plastics which became so successful, it was ultimately purchased by a large London PLC company in 1988. Rob is a member in Good Standing of the Canadian and Ontario Certified General Accountants (equivalent to CPA) and also holds Accounting and Stationary Engineering degrees.

* Rob Hukezalie is no longer with Chew 4 Health

8/28/2008 Source: Chews-4-Health Founders Page

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