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PRT Travel
Ron Armstrong, Chief Executive Officer, Chairman & President

Chief Executive Officer, Chairman & President - Mr. Armstrong serves as CEO, Officer, and President of PRT Travel Inc. Mr. Armstrong attended a Private Business College in Colorado where he began his business management career at a corporate level through privately owned establishments and his own ownership investment. Mr. Armstrong served as upper level management as the Sales Manager for the second largest Textile Manufacturer in the U.S. Mr. Armstrong also owned an Interior Design Firm. The design firm employed over 30 employees and facilitated Northern California and Oregon. Ron Armstrong managed the daily operations involving sales, marketing, and distribution channels. After Mr. Armstrong retired from the architectural and design industry, he began his career with Network Marketing. Ron Armstrong has dedicated over 15 years in Network Marketing as an independent representative and serving as executive management. His sales organizations of over 148,000 representatives encompass the worldwide market saturating Europe and the United States and reaching into Asia. He has counseled on several Corporate Network Marketing Advisory Panels and built corporate infrastructures for several multi-million dollar businesses in Europe and the U.S. Mr. Armstrong also used the medium of television as a producer and director for infomercials and training videos. Mr. Armstrong has more than 30 years experience in sales and marketing as well as distribution of various goods and services both nationally and internationally.

9/30/2004 Source: PRT Travel Management Page

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