Ron Head

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Ron Head, National Marketing Director

Ron joined the YTB team on July 15, 2002 as our National Marketing Director. Ron came to YTB from Benton, IL and is known to many as “Mr. Positive” and “Mr. Excitement”. As soon as Ron began his duties as National Marketing Director he didn't let any grass grow under his feet. He has recruited with amazing fervor and at a pace that makes one almost dizzy. Ron believes that YTB is a company created for the success of everyone and he has set some tremendous goals and is building a tremendous team. Ron is a networking veteran, beginning his career in the early 1970’s with a company that was one of the pioneers in the network marketing industry. During over thirty years in networking Ron has set many recruiting records and has been tremendously successful both financially and spiritually in every company he has been involved in, most recently having been written up in the July 2000 edition of the “Home Business Connection” of the Cutting Edge Media Magazine.

12/29/2004 Source: Your Travel Biz About Us Page

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