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Shawn Dawson, Media Development Manager

Shawn Dawson is the Media/Web Developer of EcoFresh® and supervises administrative operations as well as back-office development for Independent Consultants. He has over 10 years of experience in web and graphics design as well as 8 years experience in sales and service in the Pest Control industry. After growing up with asthma during younger years, Shawn understands the importance of eliminating harsh household chemicals and replacing them with safer alternatives. Because of this, he has a passion to help people live healthier lifestyles by educating the world about alternative household products.

In 2010, Shawn received a BBA in Financial Consulting and a BA in Geology from Southern Methodist University. He has participated in several university events related to green technologies, resource preservation and earth sciences. In addition to being creative at work, Shawn also enjoys being a musician/singer/songwriter with over 15 years of guitar experience.

9/2/2010 Source: EcoFresh Executive Leadership Page

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