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Simon Procopenko, Co-Founder

Simon Procopenko, 49, is a native of San Francisco and the proud father of 3 children. His 27-year old son graduated at the top of his class at UC Irvine, passed his bar exam in California and is now a practicing attorney in his home state. His 22 year old daughter graduated from Long Beach State and is now in her first year of a Masters Program in English literature. His 12 year old daughter is currently enjoying her pre-collegiate years. Married for 27 wonderful years, Simon along with his family recently had to deal with the loss of Mrs. Procopenko to a hard-fought battle with cancer.

Before assuming his current role as CEO at NanoTech Fuel, Inc., Mr. Procopenko had other successful business ventures. In 1977, he began in the lumber business and transformed a small retail operation into a $20 million per year company that included a full service contractor yard and Home Center. During that time, he utilized his extraordinary entrepreneurial skills to purchase and develop 12 million dollars worth of residential and commercial property in Northern California.

Selling his business in 1995, Mr. Procopenko became a consultant to the lumber industry. He served in both the retail market and in the manufacturing of raw materials from timber land to the final production of finished material. He also served as a consultant to Home Centers, creating new and increased sales through product diversity and his knowledge of the marketplace. In 1996, Simon began a wholesale distribution business of lumber and building materials which mainly served California, while still accommodating several other areas within the United States. This business, S&C Wholesale Lumber, is operating today supporting high end commercial clients and is a green company with Forest Stewardship Council (F. S. C.) certification.

From 1995 to 2001, Mr. Procopenko's networking experience was gleaned while working as a representative in Nu Skin International, a 1.4 billion dollar debt free company. As an Executive Distributor, he built an organization throughout the US and Pacific Rim, working directly with some of the top money earning distributors within that company. He began with 4E Company in early 2007 with their fuel additive product and built an organization that grew to several thousand distributors. Because of this experience, Simon began searching the industry for THE product that would accomplish the goal of decreasing emissions while creating measurable fuel savings.

Simon found H2OIL to be the optimal opportunity, as eeFuelŪ fits the necessary criteria for explosive growth, revenue generation, and the science to create the ultimate business opportunity in Network Marketing. His vision for starting the NanoTech Fuel Company was to take the existing concept of 4E Corporation and to build on it through proven science and a well trained distributor force.

A worldwide distribution network in the largest market place of our time, with the timeliest product of this century to date, is what NanoTech Fuel, Inc. represents. Wherever vehicles are driven, or homes are heated, motors are run or heating oil is needed, our product, backed by a well seasoned highly professional, leadership team can only spell success.

10/5/2008 Source: Fuel Legacy International Executive Bio Page

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