Stanley A Leitner

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Stanley A Leitner, CEO

Extensive background in the following areas:

Conceiving and launching numerous startups in various industries (Printing, furniture, personal care products, health and home care, personal protection, medical clinics, refuse collection, etc.)

Taking innovative products from the drawing board to the marketplace. Marketing, planning, budgeting, asset deployment, personnel and P & L management.

Monitored CEOs in 102 geographically dispersed operating centers, established marketing procedures, developed time study and cost analysis, initiatives, growth through acquisition, general business guidelines (i.e., policies and procedures) and profit projections. Objective was to increase the ROI of the wholly-owned subsidiaries in order to boost the market-value, and share price of the NYSE listed holding company.

Selected, developed and motivated subordinates in such a manner as to create compression so that all personnel, regardless of position, recognized that they were integral to the success of the venture.

As a consultant for banks, evaluated their client's businesses, and recommended when they should "call the loan, extend the deadline" or, alternately, "increase the loan amount."

Negotiated labor disputes, purchases and sales of businesses, joint venture agreements, bank loans and lines of credit (including a revolving line of credit with First Boston for $70,000,000.00).

A multi-tasker who stringently overviews every department/phase of the business.

Stanley A. Leitner is no longer with IGI ( International Galleries )

12/18/2004 Source: International Galleries Bios Page

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