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Stephanie Lippincott, Director of Media Relations

Stephanie Lippincott is the Director of Media Relations and Special Events for SPX Nutrition. She has nearly 10 years experience in the field of public relations, including an extensive background in media relations, fundraising, event planning, promotions and writing. Stephanie is a proud University of North Florida alumna with a Bachelor of Science in Communication from the College of Arts and Sciences.

Stephanie has worked for large and small non-profit organizations and for-profit corporations, excelling in raising millions of dollars to further research and programs, increasing brand and mission awareness, garnering media publicity, strengthening donor relations and managing and planning events for thousands of people.

Stephanie is also passionate about health and fitness. She is co-owner of a fitness company based in Jacksonville, FL and a certified personal trainer. Along with her role on the SPX Nutrition corporate team, Stephanie also spearheads the Official SPX 90-Day Challenge Support Group with a team of 5 Certified Personal Trainers who help individuals on the 90-Day Challenge incorporate exercise and wellness habits to make long-term lifestyle changes.

12/19/2014 Source: SPX Nutrition About Us Page

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