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VP of Training, FDI International

Seeking only enough extra income to make a car payment, Steve and his wife Colleen started a career in our industry strictly on a part time basis. However, after only about a year, they were able to completely replace Colleen's teacher salary, and a short 6 months later, Steve's teacher salary as well. What followed over the next 16 years, to some, might sound like network marketing myth. Suffice it to say however, Steve is truly a living legend and icon in this industry. After building an organization of over 140,000 Independent Representatives, he has continued to earn the kind of income thought reserved only for Super Star athletes or recording artists. FDI is proud to say that by Steve planting his flag here, his talents, expertise, and experience will benefit every present and future FDI member. Currently one of FDI's Vice Presidential Associates, Steve and his family live what most would call a dream lifestyle in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.
12/1/2009:FDI International Leadership Council Page

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