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Steve Smith, Chairman

Chairman Stephen R. Smith is a successful entrepreneur known to many as one of the true Texas mavericks. In the mid-1980ís, Mr. Smith developed an interest in the network marketing business model. He recognized the marketing and compensation strategy was ideally suited for the marketing and distribution of services, rather than physical products. Relying on his intuition, he designed and deployed his network marketing strategy at a telecommunication startup company. This concept quickly grew to become Excel Communications -- a billion dollar publicly traded long-distance company that, in total, paid out hundreds of millions of dollars in commissions to its Representatives for building a billion-dollar customer base.

9/25/2009 Source: iJango Management Page

Steve Smith, Chairman

Our Chairman, Steve Smith is most well known as a co-founder of Excel Communications. While at Excel, Steve developed and launched the marketing plan that propelled a once unknown startup into a $1.5 billion dollar company in just over seven years!

No one cares more about helping American consumers manage and protect their personal finances than EverydayWealth. We understand the busy lifestyle of our customers and provide a service that makes their life easier, saves them money and protects their financial futures - Stephen R. Smith

3/21/2006 Source: EveryDay Wealth Company Website

Steve Smith, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

Stephen R. Smith is the Chairman, Founder, President and CEO of UltimateMatch. He was the co-founder of Excel communications and responsible for the marketing plan that propelled the once unknown start-up into a $1.4 billion company in just over seven years. Excel became one of the largest telecommunications companies in the United States and was the youngest company to ever go public on the New York Stock Exchange. Steve has applied his expertise and phenomenal success in the network marketing industry to personally mastermind the marketing plan that has UltimateMatch positioned to become the market leader in the online dating industry.

Nationally recognized businessman
Co-founder of Excel Communications
Developed and implemented innovative marketing plan
Propelled startup into $1.4 billion public company in seven years
Envisions UltimateMatch as biggest venture to date

3/21/2006 Source: UltimateMatch Team Page

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