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Tanya Hudson, D.C. Exposed to an Eastern philosophy of foods, culture and health from her Japanese mother, Dr. Tanya Hudson learned the value of nutrition and the wisdom of one’s own body in achieving complete wellness. Dr. Tanya’s early influences led her into the fields of science and medicine where she earned her BA in biology with an emphasis in chemistry from Culver-Stockton College, and her Chiropractic Doctorate from Logan University.

She began her health professional career in crisis care, but soon after Dr. Tanya became interested in having a larger impact on the whole health of her patients, specifically preventative care. Realizing that her clients and the public in general were confused about what nutritional products were best, she became dedicated to research that could help others filter through it. Her passion in helping individuals understand “true health standards” has led her to work with elite athletes, travel and consult with NBA teams, and write and research topics for various nutritional authorities. She also helped to create programs for nutritional testing and health improvement for many Physicians.

Frustrated by the lack of good, quality supplements, she assisted in the formulation of a retail holistic nutritional Product line with a resulting multi-million dollars in sales. Dr. Tanya then brought her Product formulation expertise to BodHD as the lead Product Formulator of its High Definition Products.

10/28/2011 Source: BodHD Founders Bios

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