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Tom Mower, Founder

Founder of Neways

According to News Sources, Thomas E. Mower was convicted for conspiracy to defraud the IRS, income tax evasion, and corruptly impeding the due administration of internal revenue laws.
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3/10/2008 Source: Various Sources

SISEL International
Tom Mower, Founcer and Chairman

My position is Chairman of the Board and Iíll be leading a team of my special research scientists in discovering and developing fantastic new products for our unlimited future. When this is done, Iíll be coming to hold SISEL Universities, special training and sales events, and of course being at country conventions and seminars all over the world with Tom Jr. and Darick. Tom Jr. as CEO, is masterfully overseeing the complex operations and logistics, but most importantly, helping me develop unique, powerful, revolutionary products that comply with the Mower Mission of only the safest, most effective formulas the world has ever seen. SISELís President, Darick Mower, has organized a highly skilled team of professional MLM sales and marketing people. Together, my two sons are driving SISELís marketing and management efforts. In all my life, I have never been as excited as I am about SISEL. It is far greater than anything I have ever done and far beyond what even my vision could imagine. Now, working with my two sons, my wonderful employees, fantastic distributors and friends, my dreams have come true. There is a new #1 company in MLM. It is SISEL: our company, our future and the culmination of the hopes and dreams for millions of people on this earth! Iím proud to be in it with you and will eagerly work with you to achieve our goals. Tom Mower Sr. Founder and Chairman of the Board

3/10/2008 Source: Tom Mower Website

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