Toshizo Watanabe

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Toshizo Watanabe, Chairman and CEO

Mr. Watanabe joined Nikken Japan in 1984. He is responsible for establishing Nikken in the United States and for expansion into Canada, Mexico and Europe. A lifelong student of direct marketing, he distinguished himself in 1973 by building the largest network in Yokohama City for a major direct marketing firm. He holds an MBA from Pepperdine University in California, in addition to a Bachelor's of Science from Brandies University in Massachusetts. Mr. Watanabe is clearly a leader who will guide Nikken to even higher levels of global success. In January 2004, he announced to the world his goal for Nikken to become the largest direct-selling company in the world. This plan is called Vision 2010. By the year 2010, Mr. Watanabe has challenged Nikken to:

Contribute to the worldwide education of wellness and prevention
Establish our global role in preserving the environment and fighting world hunger
Establish 1 million Wellness Homes
Develop 10,000 healthy millionaires
Create $5 billion in annual sales

3/27/2006 Source: Nikken Corporate Leaders Page

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