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Tracie Duke, Chief Operations Officer

Tracie Duke has over 20 years of experience in the business administration and operations sector. Tracie previously worked for a large commercial sales and development group, taking their minimal startup growth to over $5 million in annual sales. Bringing with her the solid financial skills and proven track record needed to ensure long term stability and financial growth, Tracie has spent the last 10 years helping others in the network marketing industry build successful teams and thrive in the home-based business industry. Her extensive experience in the social media sphere has helped numerous businesses, both small and large, firmly establish their brands and connect directly with thousands of potential customers.

Tracie is no stranger to bolstering companies toward success and prosperity. Her positive attitude and goal-oriented approach have aided her in keeping companies profitable despite challenging economic downturns. Tracie has personally handled numerous debt negotiations, intricate multi-million dollar contracts, and complex financial situations. Utilizing her innate leadership abilities, Tracie has managed over 100 employees at a time while remaining organized, upbeat, and team-focused. Her ability to help others come out on top, regardless of circumstance, knows no bounds.

With years of online and social marketing experience, along with a passion for high-quality products and excellent customer service, Tracie is an invaluable asset to SPX Nutrition and knows first-hand the power of these incredible innovations. Through both SPX Nutritionís world-class dietary supplements and healthy lifestyle choices, Tracie has transformed her body and her life by dropping over 50 pounds, regaining her vitality and health. She is passionate about helping others achieve the same phenomenal results while also inspiring customers to maximize their wealth-earning potential. Tracie knows first-hand the incredible opportunities SPX Nutrition offers and hopes to inspire everyone to achieve their dreams for fitness and prosperity.

12/19/2014 Source: SPX Nutrition About Us Page

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