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Co-Founder, VP Marketing, Uprize

Troy Kearl brings nearly two decades of networking and technical expertise to Uprize. He has served as Vice President of Japan Operations for a large MLM company where he was in charge of training and recruiting all of the field leadership.

Troy also provides tremendous technical expertise to Uprize, including advanced social networking systems and next-generation website designs. In the 1990ís, Troy served as Vice President of Research and Development for Avalon Digital Marketing Systems, the largest rich-media e-mail advertising company in the world.

In 1992, Troy founded Uniq Studios, Inc., a new media advertising, design, and marketing firm. Under his direction, Uniq was awarded Apple's "Multimedia Showcase Award" for its innovative use of multimedia.

Prior to a focus on technology, Troy was a Japanese translator. He attended the University of Utah and has a minor in Japanese.

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