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Verdis Norton, 

Verdis Norton is the visionary Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ASEA Inc. For decades he has been honing his vision, strategy, and planning skills with some of the largest corporations in the world. Mr. Norton brings almost 30 years of corporate experience with him, including experience in corporate sales, general management and strategy. He retired from Kraft Foods, a Fortune 500 Company, as the Vice President of Strategy.

Mr. Norton just recently completed an assignment as the President of a biotech startup company that introduced Activated Lactoferin (Activin™), a food technology. Following corporate retirement he consulted with Kraft Europe, working with senior management and country managers on corporate reengineering. He has served on various boards and executive committees in both the private and public sectors where he assists other companies with strategy and business management.

4/11/2010 Source: Asea Founders Page

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