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Wayne Garland, Chief Product Officer

In addition to being the chief formulator of LifesDoctor, Wayne Garland is head of LifesMiracle's Scientific Advisory Council which is comprised of top experts in the nutritional and wellness industry. He is a leading researcher and developer of natural therapies and protocols to strengthen the bodies immune system. He has studied in China, Tibet, Bhutan, Korea and China at various universities, clinics and institutes, as well as at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine and the Clayton School for Natural Healing. His therapies and formulas utilize a unique combination of Ayurvedic, Chinese, Kampo and Western Herbal medicine along with the application of his own passion for the use of electrically-charged ocean water mineral compounds to trigger the body to achieve "Contagious Health". In particular, his philosophy is that the body can heal itself of any condition given the essential elements that created life billions of years ago are present.

6/3/2008 Source: LifesMiracle Management Page

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