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Wayne Nugent, Founder

Wayne Nugent is regarded by many as Network Marketing's single most successful independent representative of travel and travel related services. Without a doubt, he is the most passionate evangelist for Network Marketing as the premier distribution channel of leisure travel.
For more than ten years, Wayne has earned his living exclusively from network marketing. He has earned the top level field position and the distinction of top money earner in four separate companies.
In performing at that level, he has developed organizationsof more than 100,000 representatives spanning 16 different countries.

Prior to beginnin his career in Network Marketing, Mr. Nugent consistently received awards and honors as a top sales performer for companies including Cahners Business Systems, GTE, TCI Cable and Hilliard Auto Group. His years of sales and sales management success exposed Wayne the limits of life in Corporate America and led him to join his first network marketing company
Wayne served 4 1/2 years in the United States Marine Corps, returning to Texas and beginning his sales career in 1992. With a passion for travel and the financial freedom necessary to experience it to the fullest, Wayne has focused his passions on uniquely and creatively combining Network Marketing with leisure travel to create WorldVentures, Inc., a way to make a living...LIVING!

11/28/2005 Source: WorldVentures Marketing Site Founders Bios Page

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