William Tompkins

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Gano Excel
William Tompkins, Director of Operations

Maintaining high levels of Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction is Willy’s goal for the Gano Excel Team. In fact, his experience in doing this is quite extensive with Chrysler, Mitsubishi and Mazda, bringing their Customer Service to the highest levels at the locations he managed and winning awards for his guidance. As a manager for the past 24 years, Willy’s “just do it” attitude in business operations has helped dealerships achieve high levels of performance. In addition, Willy also has experience in financing and representing businesses to banks as well as banks to businesses, allowing him the unique perspective of seeing both sides of an issue. This Commissioned Kentucky Colonel is looking forward to building the Gano Excel team to achieve it’s best.

11/15/2004 Source: Gano Excel Management Page

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